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Industry 4.0 takes center stage at World Economic Forum

Industry 4.0 is the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector, driven by four disruptions: the astonishing rise in data volumes, computational power, and connectivity, especially new low-power wide-area networks; the emergence of analytics and business-intelligence capabilities; new forms of human-machine interaction such as touch interfaces and augmented-reality systems; and improvements in transferring digital instructions to the physical

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Executive POV: Blended Reality is driving a new approach to cyber security

Executive POV: Blended Reality is Driving a New Approach to Cyber Security

As the physical and digital become increasingly entwined and interdependent – as we start to build a world of blended reality with seamless transition between the digital and physical – cyber security both grows in importance and gets harder to effect. We need significant innovation in the field if we’re to realize the many benefits that blended reality can bring

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