Innovation in the Workplace: Twitter Takeover Recap

Innovation comes with a relentless focus on experience and not being satisfied by “just getting it out.” And it’s not just about the cool, new feature. It’s more about how you can simplify it to a compelling solution. Innovation is culture.

I recently took over HP Labs account as part of the #CTOtakeover to answer your questions about innovation, share my thoughts, and give you a behind-the-scenes look at HP Labs. Here’s a recap of what we discussed:

Cultivating innovation in the workplace

It’s imperative to encourage your team to create, make, invent; and tap into the belief that anything is possible.

This makers spirit was recently front and center in HP Labs. Our testing group for LaserJet printers experienced a budget cut. Instead of cutting down the amount of testing, they took it upon themselves to improve the testing process. The 3D printed a robotic arm and created a program that allowed them to test the printers. Now they are better able to manage their testing and have freed up their time to explore their 3D printing efforts. In fact, they created an entire robotics platform and expanded the future for robotics in testing.

Innovation throughout generations

I absolutely believe new generations have a special sense of imagination. We recently supported this imagination with #HPInsiders. We encouraged HP Interns to share their experiences at HP through daily challenges. Here are a few tweets from the contest, including the winner of #HPInsiders, Ryan Sanders:

Blended Reality

Me too, Zach! I think there’s a disconnect between the 2D digital world, where you conceptualize and design, sitting at a desk, and the 3D world where things are built.

The next Industrial Revolution will bring production back to the workshop model by fusing together the 3D physical world and 2D digital world. At HP, we call this Blended Reality – the fusion of our physical and digital worlds. It allows us to humanize technology and make it more tangible.  Like Iron Man, you’ll be able to grab ideas and manipulate them with your hands. You’ll tinker, iterate, prototype, produce, and distribute – with machinery so seamless it’s nearly invisible.

A big thank you to everyone who joined in on #CTOtakeover! Stay tuned for more in the future. I’d also love to hear your thoughts on innovation in the workplace – what has worked well for you? What do you to keep your maker spirit thriving? Sound off in the comments below.

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