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Answers to Industry 4.0’s Top Questions

We’re in the midst of an Industry 4.0 revolution. Automation and data – including cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and cognitive computing – are leading to a shift in the way products are designed and manufactured. Today, I’m sharing information about the current state of Industry 4.0, a few of my favorite examples, and possibilities for the

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Investing in the future: HP Tech Ventures

I visited CNBC last week to discuss HP Tech Ventures, our new corporate venture arm that will invest and create partnerships with start-ups that are aligned with emerging technology areas that we believe will be the building blocks for the future – 3D Transformation, Immersive Experiences, Hyper-Mobility, Internet of Things and Smart Machines.

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3D Printing: More Than Just a New Way of Making Things

We’re already seeing glimpses of the potential of 3D printing. Automobiles and airplanes are using 3D-printed parts that are stronger and lighter than anything made by conventional manufacturing. Disabled children and injured animals are walking on 3D-printed custom prosthetics. Astronauts on the International Space Station can print tools based on digital designs emailed from Earth. And increasingly, medical engineers aim

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HP Launches the HP Print Channel on IFTTT Creating Over 40M IoT Printers

Phillip McCoog is a Chief Technologist and HP Fellow at Hewlett Packard, and I am pleased to welcome Phillip as a guest blogger today. He’ll be sharing interesting details about the launch of the HP Print channel on IFTTT. Before Phillip gives you the details on this launch, let me tell you a little more about him. As a Chief

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Connected Cars Pick Up Speed at CES 2015

I attended last week’s Consumer Electronics Show and one thing became apparent quickly – the consumer cars of the future were the main attraction. The conversation about self-driving cars has been happening for some time, but the age of self-driving cars seems to be quickly approaching. The connected cars I saw at CES do more than read your text messages

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